• The Hobbit Art Print Map of East Farthing

East Farthing. A gateway to adventure, the far borders of which few Hobbits dare (or desire) to cross. The Brandywine River is about as far as most hobbits have ever ventured, and the Wilderland beyond is the stuff of legend and the tales of weary travellers at the Shire's many taverns and ale houses. The original prop for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was designed and drawn by Daniel Reeve of the 3Foot7 Art Department, with exacting attention to detail. 3Foot7 lent their talents to all three films in the trilogy. Weta's map has been made from a scan of the original map and printed in Middle-earth (New Zealand) on the finest Italian Marina Conchiglia parchment paper. Map of East Farthing - Parchment Art Print is a lovely map.

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The Hobbit Art Print Map of East Farthing

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